Rugby World Cup Quiz

Official Packages for Rugby World Cup 2014

Official Packages for Rugby World Cup 2014

Do you know your “Garry Owens” from your “Johnny Wilkinsons”?

Or your “Good arrows” from your “against the heads”?

If you think you’ve got a good knowledge of rugby, why not test yourself with this Rugby World Cup Quiz


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Scotland Cricket World Cup Team

The ICC Cricket World Cup, due to commence next month in New Zealand will be one of the major sporting events of the year.  Scotland have now named their final 15 players for the team and are excited heading into their third World Cup campaign.  A full list of the team and news release can be found here:

Glory Days are delighted to be involved in the Cricket World Cup as an official licensed tour operator, and even more so as we have organised a full trip and itinerary for one of the Scotland team’s parents!  We are sure they are extremely proud and this will be an amazing opportunity for them to see their son play in such a fantastic event.  We will be rooting for him and the team, and would like to wish Scotland all the best in the Tournament!